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Hammerhead Spearmax Q3 90mm

Rp82.500 Harga

Spearmax lure are develop by Hammer Head.
The main target for fresh water fish. The well-balance shape, exellent reaction and brilliant colours of the lures have a definitely the word highest quality.

Hammerhead Arise 8.2G 70Mm

Rp72.000 Harga

New Arrival Hammerhead Arise 8.2G 70Mm

Hammerhead merupakan Merk yang terkenal diindonesia. Kini hadir Lure terbaru Hammerhead Arise dengan panjang 7cm dan Berat 8.2g. Lure yang sangat cocok digunakan memancing Ultra Light/Light dan didesign menarik dengan bahan yang berkualitas. Memiliki 10 warna yang berbeda-beda dan ada yang GID (GlowInTheDark), Jadi jangan khawatir bagi angler yang suka mancing dimalam hari.

Zerek Gobble 70MM Top Water

Rp112.000 Harga

The Gobble is Zerek’s newest light tackle popper. Designed with an absolutely proportionate body, the Gobble can create the biggest chug splash, worked lightly for a softer approach, or simply a side to side walk the dog motion. Internally, tiny ball bearings create high pitch rattles to attract further attention on the surface on each movement. Its 70mm profile is ideal for most situations in both fresh and saltwater. And finally, it features a lifelike spray paint, with a realistic tint finishing that makes the lure look just like a real bait fish!