Bone Voyage BEC684XXXH PE3-6

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The Voyage Expedition Big Bait Black Bass models feature an upgraded blank, crossed wrapped in multiple angles with TORAYCA’s® latest technology carbon sheets. This enables the travel rod to have maximum strength and allowing it to be as lightweight as possible. Designed specifically for the sole purpose of targeting the brutal Papuan Black Bass using bigger and heavier baits, it retains its highlight features, such as the elimination of uneven spread of weight in each joint, achieving a smooth bend when loaded. Equipped with double-footed Fuji K-SiC Guides and Fuji PTS Reel Seats.  The concept of the Voyage series was to design a four piece travel rod that feels like a one piece rod,without compensating in sensitivity and in weight, and was designed specifically for the travelling angler who requires more confidence in a travel rod. The highlight feature is the elimination of uneven spread of weight in each joint, achieving a smooth bend when loaded, yet maintaining its durability, versatility, and adaptability. Built with high modulus carbon graphite fiber layers with cross-weaves, making it lighter and stiffer, Fuji K-Alconite Guides and ACS (BC) / IPS(SPINNING) reel seats for ultra sensitivity, and an enhanced butt section with our signature X-GRIP wrap technology for superior power. Each rod comes with individual piece warranty and an awesome soft neoprene case for convenient handling.

Rod Bone BEC684XXXH Cast Travel 4pc 6ft8inch PE3-6

Description :


LENGTH: 6’8"

LINE: PE 3.0-6.0

CAST WEIGHT: 14-140g


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