Senar Hammer Head Ultron X8 150M

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Hammer Head


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  • 30 lb/ 1.5, 13.6kg Test Class 0.14mm - 150m
  • 35 lb/ 1.75, 15.9kg Test Class 0.15.9mm - 150m
  • 40 lb/ 2.00, 18.2kg Test Class 0.19mm - 150m
  • 50 lb/ 3.00, 22.7kg Test Class 0.20mm - 150m
  • 65 lb/ 4.00, 29.6kg Test Class 0.23mm - 150m

Care and Used

Product is made of very strong fibers, always use scissors to cut fishing line. By using bare hands to break line could result injury.

During fishing, take good care that fishing line doesn't entangle to part of your body. Fishing line could injure your fingers, hands of part of your body should strong force apply on fishing line.

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Senar Hammer Head Ultron X8 150M

Senar Hammer Head Ultron X8 150M

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