Ump Surecatch Tinny Froggy 4.8cm 7g

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Sure catch


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Umpan Soft Frog Surecatch Tinny Froggy 4.8cm 7g

Features :

The Tiny Froggy is the smallest member of the formidable SureBite Weedless plug family. Constructed using only top grade synthetic rubber material for superior resilience and elasticity, the froggy cruises on the top water with its skirt-like hind legs, creating ripples that will excite lily pad dwelling predators like snakeheads and arowanas. The Aerodynamic Weight Construction (AWC) further enhances its castability to reach out to the far ends of the lake, while the carefully positioned weight gives the froggie maximum oatation and unparalleled balance on the water. Furthermore, every single froggie is equipped with a high grade carbon hook tted onto a welded hanger for superior strength. The angler can now wrestle brutes out of the lily pads with full con dence.

Spesifikasi :

Lenght : 48mm

Weight : 7gr

Colour Type :

  • F31
  • F32
  • F33
  • F34
  • F35
  • F36
  • F37
  • F38
  • F39
  • F40
  • F41

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Ump Surecatch Tinny Froggy 4.8cm 7g

Ump Surecatch Tinny Froggy 4.8cm 7g

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