BKK Reef Master NP

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The BKK Reef Master NP is developed to be a high cost/performance ratio versatile jigging hook.

A perfectly welded ring and BKK’s accurate forging process enhance the overall strength of the hook structure, also reinforced by a bright tin coating providing excellent corrosion resistant performance even in harsh saltwater environments.

In order to ensure solid hook ups every time, this hook also features BKK’s needle sharp hook point.

Last but not least, the hook features BKK’s Micro Ring technology that allows for an adequate hook eye diameter and eases the attachment of split rings, without affecting the overall strength of the hook structure.


BKK Reefmaster 8070-3X-NP

Size Qty Strength (Kg)
1/0 9 14.5
2/0 8 16
3/0 7 17.5
4/0 7 23
5/0 6 26.5
7/0 5 29
9/0 4 35.5
11/0 3 43.5

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